Temperance Tonics Samples

Temperance Tonics Samples

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THIS LINK IS ONLY FOR FOLKS WHO HAVE BEEN OFFERED FREE SAMPLES! If you're not on that list, the drinks won't be delivered!

We think these drinks are a lovely way to bring a bit of magic to your at-home meals. They come with tiny envelopes of dehydrated lemon slices and edible flowers, as well as a handmade zine with serving suggestions.

Shipped in 4oz bottles, each one contains enough concentrate for two drinks. Just add sparkling water and enjoy!


hibiscus · rosebud · verjus rouge · blackcurrant
Mild floral and red fruit sweetness, with a dry finish and aroma of roses.

lychee shrub · jasmine tea · lemon oil
Sharp and acidic, balanced by white fruit flavours and strong lemon aromatics