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New brand name, same rad drinks

Depending on how well you know us and/or how many social media platforms you are following us on, you might know that we weren't able to do much advertising for our crowdfunding campaign.  95% of our ads were rejected for "promoting alcohol". I would of course appeal the decision, but I would get notifications that the appeal was rejected and my ads were still not running.  ASIDE: The fact that we were able to raise the money we did without any ads was truly impressive. It speaks to how great our community is; everyone worked so hard to help us get the word out. Fast forward to now! I quit my day job last month so I could give my projects (like...

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The Fortitude of Mothra and Dr. Singh

In Pixie Colman Smith's Tarot deck, the Fortitude / Strength card has a female figure on it petting a male lion. Since yesterday was the first day of Sikh New Year, it seems like a good time to tell you the story behind the Fortitude illustration in our book and deck. Our friend Jairus once had a clever and sweet cat named Mothra. They loved each other very much and we were heartbroken when she developed kidney disease when she was just a few years old. When it was sadly time for Mothra to cross the rainbow bridge, Jairus knew he wanted it to happen at home where Mothra felt safe. So he called a clinic and booked an appointment...

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Happy Birthday Pixie Colman Smith!

To honour Pixie’s work creating the iconic Tarot art we all know and love, we have created a special non-alcoholic cocktail to mark her birthday. It contains sorrel — a flavour familiar to Pixie after her youth spent in Jamaica — and gold dust, for a bit of magic.

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Here comes The Sun

In honour of tomorrow's longest night of the year -- we are sharing the (current!) recipe for non-alcoholic cocktail The Sun. We would love for it to be part of your holiday celebrations! And remember: after Saturday's Winter Equinonx, things will start getting brighter. 

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The earliest soft beverage mixer in human history

Known by different names around the world, this sweet almond and orangewater blend is one of the earliest soft beverage mixers in human history, with similar recipes found on almost every continent, some dating back to the early Roman Republic. Whether you know it as Orgeat or Orzata or Rozata or Soumádha, this versatile syrup can be used to flavour many non-alcoholic cocktails!

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