About Temperance Tonics

In June of 2018, a few things happened:

  1. Craft cocktail maker Haritha Gnanaratna met lifelong non-drinker Audra Williams.
  2. A week later, the bar where Haritha was working went out of business.
  3. Audra convinced Haritha to spend a week on Toronto Island before job hunting.
  4. On that trip, Audra asked Haritha if he thought cocktails needed alcohol.
  5. Haritha stared into space in thought then said "No".
  6. Audra said “I’ve got an idea.”

Fast forward to now, and Audra and Haritha live together in a charming Parkdale apartment with three adorable cats. As Temperance Tonics they have supplied drinks to TIFF events, raised $40K on Kickstarter to make a drink recipe book inspired by the Tarot, and teamed up with Masterchef Canada winner Jennifer E. Crawford to create a sold-out night of food and non-alcoholic drink pairings.

They have done all of this fuelled by a devotion to create both compelling non-alcoholic drinks and well as more accessible events for everyone.

p.s. This is Zoe and Leo and Cinnamon Bun. <3