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Major Arcana Tarot deck
Major Arcana Tarot deck
Major Arcana Tarot deck
Major Arcana Tarot deck

Major Arcana Tarot deck

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 NOTE: This is a pre-order. The deck will be shipping in October 2021!

In autumn of 2019, we ran a crowdfunding campaign to create a book of non-alcoholic cocktail recipes inspired by the Tarot. We raised $40K in just under a month, and were the top food and drink product and the top cookbook product on all of Kickstarter!

For the project, Toronto illustrator Cindy Fan took Pixie Colman Smith's iconic Major Arcana artwork, and re-imagining that narrative in a diverse fever dream world. In addition to appearing in the book, we are also printing these illustrations as a stand-alone Major Arcana deck.

This deck is great for beginners! It doesn't matter if you've never even seen a Tarot card! The imagery will have a strong narrative, so you don't need to know what the cards "mean" to get insight from them.

This deck is also great for more experienced readers. You can display the card you are hoping to keep top-of-mind, or use the deck to add extra context to a reading with the deck of your choice.

Deck comes with 24 page full-colour guidebook. 

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