Special Events Services

Toronto is a hugely diverse city, where millions of people don’t drink alcohol for reasons cultural, medical, or personal. And when these folks come to a party or event and there is nothing for them (cranberry sodas don’t count), it sends a message that they weren’t considered or don’t belong. Something as simple as being offered a lovely non-alcoholic cocktail goes a long way towards making someone feel welcome.

You also don’t have to be a non-drinker to enjoy our products! Temperance Cocktails has many enthusiastic fans who do drink alcohol, but are still delighted to have other fancy drinks on hand for the times they don’t feel like drinking.

If you are interested in bulk orders for an event or would like to have us come run a non-alcoholic bar in person, reach out to: oracle@temperancecocktails.com.

Some testimonials: 

“We’ve had them at our last couple events and they’ve been incredible every time, highly recommended!”
Stefan Hostetter, Centre for Social Innovation

“These delicious drinks offer wonderful options for those who don’t wish to consume alcohol! Haritha is an amazing mixologist and brings fun and experimentation to his fabulous creations!”
Denise Soueidan-O’Leary, the Lansdowne Cone

“I’m amazed at the quality of service provided by the Temperance team, and highly recommend them for any of your events.”
Adil Dhalla, Centre for Social Innovation

“Temperance cocktails are a dream to work with, matching heart with attention to detail and professionalization to create complex and compelling NA cocktails and fill an important gap in the city!”
Justina Zatzman, Workman Arts